Applying for Moderator

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Applying for Moderator

Post  Adam Davidson on Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:44 am

Before applying you MUST HAVE 30 POSTS. All applications below 30 posts will be automatically denied. Apply by this template.

1. How old are you.

2. What is your full name.

3. How long have you been at [UHM].

4. Why do you think you will be good at this job?

5. Have you played on any of our servers? If so then list.

6. Have you got experience with admin type jobs in other places, if so list.

7. Do you know basic programming languages such as HTML, Java or Php?

8. Do you have an relationship with any members of [UHM], this can be: Brother sister or girlfriend.

9. Do you know any admins here?

10. Please link us to your steam profile and state your email and skype name if you have skype.

11. Have you ever been in conflict with a ban? If so state when and why you got banned.

12. Can you donate, this can be money or games or in-game items.

13. In full sentences, tell us why we should choose you.
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